In 2003 during a wet and windy boating holiday on the Gippsland Lakes


Peter and Annette Thomas decided to pull into the Metung jetty for reprieve from the elements where they spotted 110 acres for sale with a beautiful Victorian farmhouse perched upon a hill in Tambo Upper. As soon as they snaked down the driveway of the old Tyrell Farm, it was love at first sight. Everything needed attention from the fences, thistles and blackberries to the Old Dairy, cracked water tank and Homestead. However it was a challenge the Thomas Family was willing to embrace.

The evolution of what Rivendell has now become was a gradual process of reinvention while utilising as much as possible from the original Farm buildings and garden as a framework for what exists today.

The mosaic of garden spaces, function areas, orchards and terraces can be attributed to the ongoing progress as we find more inspiration of how best to use the gently sloping land that provides breathtaking views to the horizon that encompasses you.


Working with the original orchards and established plants the Thomas Family has embellished the now sprawling grounds with a fledgling truffière, structured hedges, wisteria arbours, garden bar and thoughtful additions to the orchards’ abundant seasonal produce available year-round on the property, made possible from the permanent spring in the valley below.


We strive to create a memory for all who stay whilst they forget about the world that lies beyond our boundary fence and immerse themselves in the quietude of the East Gippsland region accompanied by the finest produce the farm has to offer with beers, wines, meats and seafood from the surrounding area. Although we are not sure if the resplendent Peacocks received the memo about the quietude!