La Matanza {Spanish} – the slaughter/sacrifice. The time of year Spanish families gather to process their prized pigs {that are never earmarked for the markets}, whilst passing down family traditions, sharing in the workload and defining how well they dine until they gather next year to do it again.

La Matanza Produce

Our on-site Chef {& Gardener} Josh Thomas draws inspiration from his long career in hospitality as a cheese-maker, butler and restaurant manager as he aims to create memories through the culinary creations for those who choose to dine on the ever-changing seasonal produce provided by the orchards and gardens at Rivendell.

The menu is designed around the seasons and the ripeness of what is available; supplemented with the abundance of produce from the incredible and hardworking locals for which the East Gippsland region is famed.

From the freshest Sourdough, homemade cured meats and cultured butter to the ice cream or sorbet and everything in between using the offerings of the farm, dining at Rivendell should re-connect people to the land that surrounds you, labour of the harvest and the love that goes into producing great food from scratch.


 As soon as you stroll through the Speakeasy door into the walled garden dining space at Rivendell you will be transported to another time and place adorned with lime-washed Jacobean Oak furnishings, 1930s Ice chests, cascading ornamental grapes and tangible country hospitality which is a holiday in itself, even if you have only walked up from your cottage.


Chemin de Ivrognes Bar is well stocked with local brews and wines from our friends in the region and a vast selection of well-chosen spirits to cater to everyone’s needs. You might even decide to conclude your evening by indulging in a Shisha pipe to discuss your dining experience or solve the problems of the world.

Dining is a set menu faire with dietary requirements and food allergies taken into account with prior notice